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Who We Are?

The Infodreamz team has gained much acclaim for its ability to develop highly effective, user-friendly website development solutions. Both businesses and webmasters alike prefer Infodreamz for our unparalleled competence in cutting edge technologies. As a result of our continuous efforts to stay abreast of industry developments, we have been able to provide our clients with the tools they need to offer high quality customer service, higher conversion rates, and crisp, clean site performance.

Infodreamz was established in 2002, and has already achieved top ranking as a world-class web solutions provider, through the application of state of the art technology, innovative professional marketing techniques and our expansive network of services.

Our range of services includes neat, exceptionally attractive website graphics, and customized database programming for our Clients' websites. After years of experience in this field, we have mastered the art of developing effective e-commerce storefronts, online catalogs, custom web applications, and browser-based back-end management technologies.


Our focus is to present an incredibly smooth experience in Website development, focusing on improved graphics, layout and interactive programming. On the back-end, we also provide the latest technology supported database, to ensure that the overall experience is one to remember and recommend to your colleagues.


Our accumulated knowledge in computer programming and other tools covers all the relevant areas, such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, Java Applets, Delphi, SQL Server and the entire MS Office Suite, among others. Many of our web solution creations have used these tools innovatively and effectively. You can view more detailed information in our 'Services' section, which will demonstrate the many years of experience our highly skilled Infodreamz team can bring to bear on your web solution needs.

Values and Beliefs

Each business has its own specific web solutions requirements, which is why we develop custom solutions for each client. Thinking "outside the box" enables us to target your intended market in the most effective manner possible, often leaving your competition envious, as you leave them far behind. We have implemented many highly successful web solutions, utilizing over forty applications we developed for clients in the semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industries. We have also created specialized applications ranging from finance and accounting, communication, report generation and business process automation to real estate. Our unparalleled success in these endeavors can be attributed to our ability to analyze, evaluate and understand the specific needs for each type of business. We are very proud of our successes and our Portfolio section highlights some of the projects we have implemented for just a few of our satisfied clients

Quality Check

While we take great pride in delivering our web solutions in the promised timeframe, we also subject our own work to rigorous quality checks and testing, to ensure that every aspect of the project is in full compliance, and that you will receive a bug-free system.

Our pricing is extremely competitive in our industry, although few firms are capable of offering products and services such as ours. The assignments we undertake are handled on a project basis, in a very transparent fashion. Should you have any questions, we encourage you to ask, and we assure you that you will receive a prompt reply.

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