Let us show you how we can expose you to the 30% of the world's population that you're not presently reaching.

Mobile Phone Web Design

Few websites, if any, are designed for only mobile devices. And unfortunately, few websites have made the effort to comply with W3C design guidelines that allow a website to be displayed on mobile devies. This is something we do routinely, as we feel it's important for many reasons.

One reason it should be important to you, is that approximately 97% of the population in developed nations (and 49% in the entire world) owns a cell phone, and approximately one third of those phones have internet capability. That's too large of a market segment to miss out on.

That's why we use XHTML coding on our website projects... so you don't miss out on over 30% of your market potential. XHTML (or XML) is required, in order for a mobile device to utilize your website.

Can you afford to ignore nearly 30% of your potential customers?

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